100 days of Birds, Butterflies and Blooms by Susan Smith

25th June 2019

100 days of Birds, Butterflies and Blooms by Susan Smith

I’ve always loved painting and drawing, and I have pursued a creative career as a costume designer and maker for stage and screen but over the years other interests and having a family has meant I had almost stopped what was once a favourite hobby.

Getting into Instagram recently changed this as I started to follow various artists and designers online, I found many were posting design challenges and prompts to inspire creative ideas so I decided this would be my way to get painting again. I found one designer Victoria Johnson had suggested 100 days of Birds, Butterflies and Blooms where you illustrate your own interpretation of the theme, so I thought, “I love all three of these, I’m going to give it a go!”

I’ve been back to the drawing board since March and posting my artwork online almost daily. I really enjoy finding different birds to illustrate and I’ve been aware of how fast flowers spring up and die back over the course of a few weeks. I’ve been really inspired by nature and just walking around the local area looking in gardens for interesting flowers and plants to draw and paint, it’s been wonderful watching the blossoms unfold and really paying attention to the change in seasons.

The challenge has been really motivating to work through the number of days and keep going and to try and do something every day. I’m trying to develop a more illustrative style, and it’s been a great source of inspiration seeing other illustrators and designers post their work every day. It’s been really encouraging receiving many positive comments and likes from friends and the online community.

One of the best things to have happened since I’ve started the process is that my two daughters are painting and drawing more and often ask to join me painting which is such a pleasure to see although it does frequently end in one of us having an artistic tantrum!

I think getting back into the habit of painting again has been fantastic and I’m determined to see the project through to the end. I’m being a little more selective with my posts although I am trying to create every day no matter what the results!


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