An Update on Enfield councils UNFAIR licensing scheme.

16th November 2014

An Update on Enfield councils UNFAIR licensing scheme.

What's happening with the case? bConstantinos

We now have permission to proceed to a full judicial review of at least part of Enfield's licensing scheme. Although this has been played down by Enfield Council, we have cleared a huge obstacle in demonstrating that our case has merit.

The judicial review of additional licensing, which covers small Houses in Multiple Occupation (3 or more people, in 2 or more households, sharing amenities) is currently listed in the High Court for 26th November. This licensing scheme would be additional to Large HMOs, which are subject to "mandatory licensing".

In parallel, we are in the Court of Appeal to add selective licensing (single household lets) to the case, as well as other grounds. Although our case could have been put across more strongly at the permission hearing last month, we have since found further flaws in what Enfield have done. Our case is now stronger than ever. 

Thank you for everyone who has contributed so far to the fighting fund. We still need your support. If we win and get costs back, we will refund your investment.


For more information on the case, including highlighted licence conditions.visit the website.

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This scheme will affect landlords looking to let properties in Pamlers Green, Southgate and Winchmore Hill. Please call our Southgate Estate Agency for more information 020 8882 7888