Selling your property during COVID19 lockdown - Tony Ourris

1st November 2020

Selling your property during COVID19 lockdown - Tony Ourris 2020 for most has been an incredibly unusual year. Both business and personal plans have been thrown into disarray and we have had to adapt quickly to ever-changing restrictions and rules surrounding the safety of everyone to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Today we have had confirmation that the housing market is to remain open in the four week lockdown period (November 2020) and we will continue to offer Covid-safe valuations and viewings both virtually and face-to-face.

At Anthony Webb in Palmers Green we have seen that the first lockdown has been a catalyst for some to make a change in their lifestyle. 

There are several reasons encouraging people to make a move now, these include:
•    The pent-up demand caused by the suspension of the housing market during the first lockdown
•    People’s changing housing priorities after the experience of lockdown
•    Sellers, that have been slow to make their move in the past are now motivated to make a change
•    Some want access to green space and their own garden
•    Working habits may change forever allowing others the flexibility to work out of town and enjoy the slower pace of life outside of a city environment

From a business perspective we have invested in new equipment, such as 360° Degree Virtual Tours that allows us to continue to service our clients, to the best of our ability, during these difficult times. 


While other businesses are being asked to close their doors Estate Agents are permitted to remain open, and marketing has never been more important to us.

Over the Christmas period Rightmove and Zoopla see a huge increase in activity as people at home search the internet making plans for the year ahead. Competition for property views online is high and our dedicated team keep a close eye on how every property performs to ensure that your property gets the attention it deserves to generate viewing, whether in person or virtual.

We ensure that: 
  • The photography looks great and presents your property in the best light 
  • Every property has a floor plan
  • Every property has a write up to engage potential buyers
  • 360° Virtual tours and virtual viewings are available
  • We use featured listings on Rightmove and Zoopla to increase click through rates  
  • We call and email our database to inform interested parties of your property
  • No stone is left unturned!


You can use this extra time at home to finish off those little jobs you have been planning to do to ensure your property looks its best.

Tidy the front garden to help with curb appeal, most buyers will make a decision before even entering your home!
Refresh dull rooms with a coat of paint, and replace lightbulbs 
Consider an area that could be made into a home office, under the stairs or a box room that is going unused. Now is the time to make your home appear functional.
First impressions really do count! 


Waiting times at solicitors are longer than normal so it’s best to check with yours in advance to see how they have adapted to the current situation as you would not want this to hold up any potential sale.
 Also, take the time to dig out any of the following:
•    Building regulation certificates 
•    Electrical certificate
•    Boiler installation certificate with that new boiler
•    Fensa certificates for you double glazing. 
Plus of course, find your passport…. you may not be flying anywhere soon but you will need it to instruct your solicitor.
Stamp Duty Holiday

As you may be aware the stamp duty holiday will end on 31st March 2021. This means that completion of the sale must take place by this date. On average sales normally take about 12 weeks from the point of agreement to the point in completion. Also, due to increase demand on lenders and solicitors, the process has slowed down somewhat. With all this in mind it is highly advisable to agree a sale by Christmas and to meet this deadline, marketing you property ASAP would be essential.

Discuss your plans with Anthony Webb

We understand how the property market is reacting now. We use this knowledge to help plan the best strategy for you.

We can provide you will all the data you need to see how your property is preforming once online. This information is crucial when adapting a strategy to ensure a sale in the shortest possible time and for the best possible price. 

Our team are here and are ready to help 

We would love the chance to discuss our marketing approach and how we have adapted and continue to help people move despite the obstacles presented by Covid-19.

Please contact the office on 020 8882 7888 to find out more.

We are conducting Covid-safe property appraisals and are also able to do Virtual Valuations as an alternative to in person.