Shop Local This Christmas, By Emma Rigby

28th October 2014

Shop Local This Christmas, By Emma Rigby

As featured in our November issue of Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE magazine 

Now that November is here and it’s starting to feel more like winter, many of us are starting to plan for Christmas. There are presents and new clothes to buy, hair and beauty appointments to be made and Christmas specialties to be ordered. At Love Your DoorStep (Lyds) we would like to encourage you to use local businesses for all your Christmas preparations.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSM) has set up a campaign to support your local community -Keep Trade Local – and Lyds is working towards that same goal with its own challenge to local residents. FSM and Lyds have designated Saturday, 6th December as a special day to shop locally – ‘Small Business Saturday’. Small businesses are the heart of our community, generating wealth, employment and opportunity and they need our support.

In addition to this, over the next four weeks Lyds will be taking out a series of adverts in the local newspaper, encouraging people to shop at local independent businesses rather than at chain-stores. Buy from people rather than from corporations!

Visit the unique and independent shops and see what they have to offer. We have, for example, many small cafés in and around Enfield. Why not visit them while you are out shopping rather than one of the well-known café chains.

There are a multitude of crafts being made and sold locally. Throughout Enfield and the surrounding areas, there are many local businesses selling a whole variety of things you might include in your Christmas shopping. Buy from them and get something special, have a more personal shopping experience and boost the local economy at the same time.

If you prefer to buy online, it is still possible to buy from local businesses. As far as the actual process of buying is concerned, obviously the procedure is the same, but think what a difference it will make not only to those local businesses but also to the local economy.

Then there are all the food preparations we have to organise. We can buy from local butchers and bakers and order our cakes from a number of local cake-making businesses. The possibilities are endless.

Throughout the next two months there will be various fairs and festivals where local people will be selling their products and/or services. These events are a great opportunity for you to look at the many things that Enfield’s entrepreneurs have to offer.

Not only will you have something more unique than the chains can provide, but you will also be helping local people, their businesses and subsequently, the local economy. You can find everything locally that you will need for the best Christmas ever. If you don’t find what you need in our directory, then post your request on our Face- book page and someone will be sure to have a recommendation for you.

Let us make Christmas 2014 a prosperous one for locals, whether buying or selling, a boost to Enfield’s economy, and an all-round richer experience for all of us.


Tony Ourris, Anthony Webb’s Director says “Please join Anthony Webb and the Hazelwood School Choir as we celebrate the switching on of the Palmers Green Christmas lights on Thursday 13th November, 3.30 pm at the Triangle. Don't forget to take a stroll down the Palmers Green high street this festive season and, where possible, shop local this Christmas.”