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Local Music Review

Music Review | Lester Clayton presents... rumHoney

As fetured in our November issue of Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE magazine

Lester Clayton is a Palmers Green based songwriter who has supported Ed Sheeran, Just Jack, Lemar and Pete Doherty amongst others, and runs various music nights across London which support the development of local original music at the grass roots level. Stay up to date with Lester on www.LesterClayton.co.uk and on Twitter @LesterClayton for information about live shows and news.

Being a promoter and a songwriter gives me the opportunity to work alongside up and coming artists as well as some more established acts, in varying musical styles from Pop to Reggae to Blues and everything in-between. The most beautiful thing about being surrounded by so many talented musicians is that no matter how famous, experienced or new an artist is to the game, I always find that I learn something from them. Whether it is from their songwriting style, musical structure, the use of melody, a chord sequence, song arrangement or simply the raw emotion of a song, I always walk away from hearing a band or artist with a feeling of creativity and inspiration.

The songwriting team of Sky Wood and Jaime Blake is one that creates music which leaves me feeling more than inspired, I am literally in awe of them.

Sky and Jaime, alongside highly experienced musicians Noel Martin, Niol Sweeny and Domino Giannetta, make up the band rumHoney, who's musical journey has seen them perform thousands of shows to fans up and down the country and across most of Europe.

The rumHoney story started when a 2 week tour in Italy ended up turning into 100 shows and a 4 month stay, which helped them form their own sound and energy on stage, and gave them the hunger to record their own music.

rumHoney are amazing live, they bounce off each other creatively and you can see they enjoy every second of sharing a stage together; there is always buzz in the audience, who seem to know they are witnessing some of the most talented musicians, creating something very special. However, one of the hardest things for any band to achieve, is to capture their live sound and energy and transport that onto a record.

Everyone in a crowd has a good time when the music is loud; the energy is raw and the beer is flowing, but when you put on a CD, music is all of a sudden very naked and exposed, and the fear for any musician is that the transition from the stage to the studio doesn't pay off. To be honest, this was never in doubt with rumHoney; they are experienced enough, tight enough as a band, and creative enough as a unit to have passed this difficult test with ease on their latest offering 'Home Again'.

A two week recording session in Turin was all it took to lay down this 4 track EP, which sits comfortably between the musical stylings of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Small Faces and Aerosmith.

It kicks off masterfully with the title track 'Home Again' which builds to a chorus which could easily be a summer classic. Track two is the aptly titled 'Bitter Love', which sees Sky Wood tell the tale of a free spirited woman, whose affection he can't quite win. His delivery and lyrics makes you feel his pain, but also makes you want to meet the girl yourself! - 'She holds my hand tight, then she changes her mind, she doesn't know where to look, but she knows what to find'.

The third song is my favourite on the EP; 'Wildest Dreams,' which is where you can really hear the bands mastery; a punchy bass line from Domino Giannetta, great interlocking guitar work from Noel Martin and Jaime Blake, who also shares backing vocal duties with the ever reliable Niol Sweeney, who from behind the kit lays the beat for a powerhouse lead vocal by Sky Wood.

The final song on the EP is a stripped back acoustic song, which fans will recognise from their live shows, 'Only As Good As The Last Kiss' which shows that they don't need to be all out Rock 'n' Roll to create an anthem, they show a softer side to their songwriting with great harmonies and backing vocals throughout, which feels like a modern version of 'Wild Horses,' The Rolling Stones Classic.

All in all, this EP captures what rumHoney is all about. You can hear that they have worked tirelessly over the years to create a sound that is very honest, very positive and full of energy. The rumHoney boys tell me that 2015 will see work start on a full album, as well as more touring and gigging. If you get the chance to see them live, go, you won't regret it. Songwriting is a difficult skill, and these guys make it sound easy.

Keep up to date with live shows and news from rumHoney on www.Facebook.com/rumHoney

Listen to 'Home Again' on rumHoney's Soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/rumhoney