How to prepare your home for photography

15th May 2022

How to prepare your home for photography Follow our easy guide to ensure your property looks amazing online and stands out from your competition when our photography comes over!

  • Open curtains and blinds for natural light 
  • Turn lights on where needed to create atmosphere
  • Consider feature lights and lamps 
  • Check all bulbs are working 
Declutter & Clean 
  • Tidy all rooms 
  • Hide personal items including photos, toys and evidence of pets 
  • Clear surfaces and floor 
  • Remove tea towels and oven gloves 
  • Place the toilet seat down and use a new or have no toilet roll 
  • Clear surfaces of bottles, toothbrushes and remove bath toys
  • Remove all towels and mats unless folded and matching
Living Rooms & Bedrooms 
  • Hide wires and personal items including photos 
  • Organise cushions, throws and make beds 
  • Clear visible items from under beds and sofas
  • Remove cars from the driveway 
  • Tidy up the driveway and garden 
  • Remove leaves and rubbish 
  • Move bins out of sight 
  • Mow the lawn 
Staging, think about: 
  • A Fruit bowl, flowers or house plants 
  • Nice hand soap and creams 
  • Coffee table books
  • Light fires, log burners, or candles
Our Top Tip is to make sure you complete any unfinished D.I.Y projects as that can easily put buyers off and make them question what's under the surface!