Local businesses work together to beat crime by Erica Crawshaw, Neighbourhood Inspector

25th June 2019

Local businesses work together to beat crime by Erica Crawshaw, Neighbourhood Inspector

Hello Everybody, I am Erica Crawshaw and I am the Neighbourhood Inspector for Enfield Borough.

April unfortunately saw another rise in robberies in Southgate and Palmers Green Wards but positively for May, a reduction in both, significantly so in Southgate. We have increased patrols in these areas and have utilised our Neighbourhood tasking team to assist us with uniform and plain clothed patrols. We have also been working with the Local Authority and McDonalds to share information around teenage individuals who are targeting school children.

On a positive note burglary has reduced and remained stable since the Christmas peak in the area.

Scam Alert – Over the last three months we have been notified of incidents that have occurred at local Supermarkets whereby the drivers of vehicles are being distracted by a male pretending there was damage to their vehicle and then taking the opportunity to steal items from within the car. Please be vigilant around this scam.

We are very pleased, in conjunction with the Local Authority, to have been involved in the launch of a pilot community initiative called Business Watch which has been co-ordinated and created by local resident Dionne John with the support from community member Toks Child. This is for Businesses along and surrounding Chase Side, Southgate to notify each other in real-time of crime. So far over 60 businesses have signed up and through a Whatsapp group allows better sharing of offenders and incidents between businesses and Neighbourhood Officers. In the first week of June, CCTV footage from one of the recently signed up businesses allowed us to identify a prolific motor vehicle offender seen breaking into two vehicles at the rear of the shops on Ashfield Parade. We have also been able to pursue a number of incidents as a result of information sharing.

You may be aware there was a serious assault that occurred on 25th May in Broomfield Park which naturally caused concern locally. A male known to the victim has subsequently been charged with attempted murder.

For daily updates on the Borough, you can follow Enfield Police on Facebook and Twitter @MPSEnfield. As always we hold our weekly contact points and will be at some of the summer’s events in particular the Palmers Green Festival on Sunday 1st September.


This article was featured in the summer issue of Palmers Green and Southgate LIFE magazine.