Street Kind UK aim, helping the homeless this winter

10th November 2019

Street Kind UK aim, helping the homeless this winter Street Kind UK aim, helping the homeless this winter -

We are a group of four individuals based in North London, two of our core members live in Palmers Green. Once a month we visit central London, Southampton Street along with our 15 or more volunteers to distribute food and every-day essentials to our homeless friends living rough in London. We also arrange for barbers to come and cut hair too!

Alone we would not be able to help many people, but the continued support and kindness from our local community, businesses, friends and family help us go that extra mile. We’ve seen such kindness from a fine dining Indian restaurant called Anokhi (Winchmore Hill) who donated £1 from every delivery to our charity. They have also donated 25 meals and bought drinks on another occasion. 

Another local business who helped us is Green Dragon Nursery. They started a raffle to win some wonderful prizes (again lots donated by local businesses) they raised an incredible £490, which was spent on items such as sleeping bags and roll mats. 
There are lots of way you can help us:
✔    You could volunteer your time and help us give out food and items.
✔    If you’re a local business, could you hold a raffle or a fundraiser?
​​​​​​​✔    If you are a commercial caterer can you help us make food?
✔    You could make some sandwiches or food for one of our outreaches.
✔    You can purchase essential items from our amazon wish list

Donations such as sleeping bags, toiletries, nail clippers, men’s clothing, underwear, women’s hygiene products, lip balm, hand sanitizer, mini shampoos and conditioners can be dropped off at either of our local collection points:
Kb02 venue in Palmers Green, Wednesday-Friday 10am-5pm.
Sprint Printers & Stationers in Oakwood are also happy to take in donations Mon - Fri 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm