Understanding which estate agent to choose and why

24th October 2021

Understanding which estate agent to choose and why We know that choosing an estate agent is a big deal. Estate agents offer your property the platform to succeed and the relationship between you and your agent is paramount to ensure that you experience a stress free transaction and receive the best price for your property. 

Setting the right price
Most initial interactions with estate agents start with a market appraisal. 
It’s important to understand that whilst you, the homeowner, sets the asking price, the knowledge and evidence supplied by your agent should be taken into consideration carefully. Some estate agents give deliberately optimistic valuations to win business and make you think you can get a higher price with them, only to reduce the price a few weeks later following a lack of viewings. Miles Shipside, Rightmove director and housing market analyst advises: “A reduction in asking price is often a sign of initial over-pricing by estate agents and sellers, and whilst a price cut can boost buyer interest you have to overcome the negativity that arises when a property has not been snapped up quickly. Our research shows a much increased chance of a quick sale if priced sensibly at the outset, and in contrast if over-priced initially it often means a price reduction to a lower level than if it had been more accurately priced from the beginning.”

Understanding estate agents fees and why the cheapest fee will not always get you the best deal
It’s really important that you feel comfortable and trust your chosen estate agent. Determine what differentiates each agent to understand what you are getting for your money. You should feel confident that the agent you choose can get you the best possible return for your property using all the tools available to them. There’s little point shaving off a tiny percentage of the fee if your property sells for less than it could have, leaving you out of pocket!

Why you should list before Christmas if you are thinking about moving
Historically the time between Christmas and New Year has always seen the largest number of people view properties online (although, the pandemic did see a unique uplift due to the easing of lock-down restrictions). We are seeing a consistently high level of interested buyers searching online and recommend that if you want to benefit from the surge over the Christmas period you start your journey now by booking a market appraisal.   

Martin, our expert valuer, has been working in the local area for over 20 years. If you are curious about the value of your home, deciding on whether to move or extend or simply looking at your options then we can help you. 

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