11 Ways you could be devaluing your property without even knowing it. By Martin McKelvey

19th June 2016

11 Ways you could be devaluing your property without even knowing it. By Martin McKelvey

Most of us take pride in our homes, and when it comes to selling your property you want it to look as good as possible. I’ve created a list of tips, that over the years I have come across on a regular basis, to ensure you get the best possible price for your property and fast.


·         Reducing the number of rooms. An upstairs bathroom may be the ideal but many older homes only have one on the ground floor and sacrificing the smallest third bedroom may seem like a good idea but your home will, most likely, be worth less as a two bedroom property.

·         Dodgy DIY. It may seem cheaper to do it yourself in the short-term, but there’s nothing more off putting to a potential buyer than bad DIY, it could even prevent an offer altogether.

·         Untidy garden. Messy front gardens will put off potential buyers before they even walk through the door. Spend some time thinking about what improvements you could make to help your kerb appeal.

·         Your front door. First impressions really count so it’s worth putting in the effort. Clean it, paint it or stain it for best results.

·         We don’t all love feature wallsNeutrals may be a little bit boring, but they allow people to imagine themselves living in your home, and gives them time to settle in before having to re-decorate. Consider painting over feature walls or removing busy wallpaper.

·         Keep it tidy and declutterKeeping your home tidy and clutter free is vital during viewings and especially when your property is photographed by your estate agent.

·         Pets. Ideally keep them out the way for viewings. Hairs, smells, and pets in general can be off putting.

·         Suspicious smells. Never mind pets and teenagers more sinister smells such as damp or mould will need to be addressed. These can deter buyers, or result in a lower offer.

·         Wasted space. Too much furniture and clutter can make your home appear smaller than it is. Clear them away to allow buyers to see your homes potential - maybe put a dining table in the area you usually use for your home office, or a couple of comfy chairs in a conservatory that’s usually stuffed with junk.

·         Unsightly views. Does your garden overlook a busy road, factory yard or a brick wall? Consider installing a fence and some shrubs to mask the issue or distract the eye.

·         Standing out for all the wrong reasons Stone cladding and equally ultra-modern features can make your house stick out like a sore thumb, especially on older or period terraces so bare this in mind before you make on any drastic alterations to your property. Remember, if you live in the Southgate conservation area (Lakes Estate) you will need permission to make any alterations to the exterior of your home including changing its colour!



If you’re concerned that something in your home is stopping your property selling or might affect your resale price please contact me for some free advice. If you’re considering selling your home in Plamers Green or Southgate please give me a call for a current market valuation.