A note from David Burrowes

8th July 2017

A note from David Burrowes

May I thank the people of Enfield

Southgate for the privilege and pleasure of

representing you as MP for 12 years. It is a

great constituency full of great people,

associations and concerns. Thank you also

for the 20634 electors who voted for me

on June 8th.

This election was the third time in 20 years

when a big swing has unseated the

incumbent Enfield Southgate MP. Each

time the result raised serious questions for

the losing party and, as I said at the count,

for the Conservatives we need to develop

an agenda full of hope, aspiration and

compassion. We need to reflect and listen

to the result, and get ready to return to the

fray for the local Council elections next


I congratulate Bambos Charalambous on

his victory and wish him well in his service

of our local area. I would like to say thank

you for all the kind messages that I have

received since the election, particularly

those from across the political spectrum.

In a time in politics of division and discord,

what gets less attention are the times

when politicians work on a cross party

basis, such as when we opposed extending

Sunday Trading and secured support for

refugees, relationships education and

preventing homelessness. Given the new

Parliament's arithmetic there will be a

need for more cross party working in the

national interest.

I now look forward to spending more time

with my wife and children, who have been

such a great support. I will continue to

champion social justice causes like

recovery from addiction and homelessness,

and look forward to new opportunities to

serve our community.

Finally can I thank my staff who have

given such loyal service for countless

constituents, and especially Jane Kelly who

has worked tirelessly for me for 12 years

in my constituency office.

David Burrowes Former MP for