Are you legally compliant with your Landlord license?

26th March 2024

Are you legally compliant with your Landlord license? The purpose of licensing, especially for HMOs, is to ensure that residential accommodation within the Private Rented Sector (PRS) is safe, well managed and of good quality with a particular focus on safety. 

Over the last few years local councils have been introducing landlord licensing into their individual boroughs. Nationally, the Government has rules for HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation) for when there are 5 or more individuals living in a single property that are not all one family which is called Mandatory HMO Licensing. Over and above that, local councils can also impose their own more stringent local licensing, which most London councils have implemented. Every council has the authority to establish its own regulations, creating a maze for landlords to navigate when determining whether their rental investment requires a license or not.

In the local area, Enfield Council has been operating its Landlord Licensing Scheme for several years, yet there remains a significant number of landlords who are unaware of its existence. The consequences of not possessing the correct license are considerable, ranging from substantial fines imposed by the council to potential mandates to refund up to one year’s rent to the tenant. Additionally, landlords risk forfeiting the ability to serve notice to their tenants to vacate the property.

Enfield Council Rules

Over and above The Government’s mandatory HMO License, Enfield Council has implemented Additional Licensing and Selective Licensing. 

Additional Licensing 

This regulation extends across the entire borough and pertains to scenarios where three or four individuals reside in a single residential property, with at least one individual unrelated to the others.

In such instances of renting out a property with this tenant configuration, landlords must apply for an Additional License. The current application fee stands at £1170 for a five-year license. Additionally, there might be necessary property upgrades beyond the standard requirements for rented properties.

Selective Licensing 

This applies to all privately rented residential properties occupied by single households, or two unrelated individuals, located in the following 14 wards (areas) across the Enfield borough. 

Confusingly, the wards that apply are as they were mapped out in September 2021 even though since then, the boundaries and ward names have changed since the last Council election. 

The 2021 wards are:

Edmonton Green
Enfield Highway
Enfield Lock
Lower Edmonton
Palmers Green
Ponders End 
Southgate Green 
Turkey Street 
Upper Edmonton 

The designation makes it compulsory for all private rented properties in these wards to have a selective licence. Landlords will need to obtain a selective licence for each property they rent out, excluding those properties needing a licence under the Mandatory or Additional HMO licensing schemes. The cost for a selective licence is currently £673.80 for a five-year license. 

A licence will normally be granted where:
  • Appropriate fire safety measures are in place such as smoke detectors, extinguishers etc
  • Annual gas safety checks are up-to-date
  • The electrical wiring and appliances have been checked and certified as safe every five years
  • The property is not overcrowded
  • There are adequate cooking and washing facilities
  • Communal and shared areas are kept clean and in good repair
  • There are appropriate refuse storage and disposal facilities.

At Anthony Webb, we have been collaborating with all our landlords ever since the introduction of Landlord Licensing to ensure their full legal compliance. Additionally, we provide a service to handle the time-consuming license application process, catering not only to our existing landlords but also to those who manage their own properties or have them managed by another agent. 

If you’re handling your rental portfolio and feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the growing amount of legislation and regulations, now might be an opportune moment to transition to a managed service. We’ll alleviate the stress of property management, ensuring your obligations are taken care of, allowing you to rest assured. 

For further details, please reach out to our office at 020 8882 7888 and ask to speak with me. Alternatively, you can contact me via email at