Calling all Landlords in Palmers Green, Southgate or Winchmore Hill!

28th October 2014

Calling all Landlords in Palmers Green, Southgate or Winchmore Hill!

Anthony Webb Estate agents would like to inform you about Enfield Council’s proposed Landlord Licensing Scheme that has serious implications for all local landlords.

Enfield Council has decided that they want all private Landlords to take out a license on every property in the borough. They say the reason for this is to deal with anti-social behaviour. This scheme is due to come into effect on 1st April 2015. The cost of the scheme will be £500 per property but that is not where it ends. 

We had a great meeting on Friday 31st October raising awareness of Enfield Council's proposed new licensing Scheme for Landlords. Constantino was clear to outline the Scheme and its consequences for local landlords. Attendees dug deep to boost the fighting fund but more is still needed. If you can help please get in touch with us Thank you to all those that attended our meeting.

How will this licence affect me? From 1st April 2015 the Landlord Licence means:


Ø  Landlords and managing agents will be JOINTLY responsible for properties they own or manage

Ø  YOU could receive up to a £20,000 fine and a criminal record for non-registration

Ø  YOU could receive up to a £5,000 fine, a criminal record and YOUR property could be confiscated for breach of licence conditions (such as parking a commercial vehicle on a driveway)

Ø  YOU will be responsible for your tenants’ actions, including antisocial behaviour such as noise

Ø  The fit and proper person test means that any housing offence by YOU or by ANYONE you know could disqualify you from holding a licence, which could put YOU out of business


Some things the council consider as YOU breaking the licence conditions and that YOU as the Landlord will be held responsible for include:


Ø  Commercial vehicles parked on the properties off street parking space (even if it is your maintenance man’s van or tenants own vehicle)

Ø  The tenant not displaying the licence on the wall in the entrance hall (even if the tenant takes it down for whatever reason)

Ø  The tenant causing noise or being a nuisance

Ø  The tenant or anyone else leaving rubbish in the front garden of the property

This list is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many more rules. If you fail on any of these you could end up with a fine up to £5,000. You could ALSO receive a CRIMINAL RECORD. You could also have YOUR PROPERTY CONFISCATED.

A High Court judge has already said that part of Enfield Council’s scheme is “arguably unlawful” and has given permission for our legal challenge to continue. We expect the case to be in Court before the end of November but only if there is sufficient money in the fighting fund.

We need the support of local landlords to help fight this case, please come along to our meeting to find out more or make a suggested monetary contribution of £100 per property towards the cause. If we win the case and get costs back, you will receive a refund on your investment.

To help fight Enfield Council’s draconian scheme please visit then click the link above the pledge meter

You can send an email to 

You can call on 020 8350 2626 or 07943 198 198