Cycle Enfield: What does it mean for residents and shop keepers in Palmers Green?

4th February 2015

Cycle Enfield: What does it mean for residents and shop keepers in Palmers Green?

Enfield Council was awarded £30 million to transform cycling across the borough by the Mayor of London.

BUT what are the implications for locals and how will the project directly impact our community?

The council will host exhibitions to give residents a chance to find out more about the proposed projects in their area, ahead of a full and extensive public consultation on the project later in the year.

The first event will take place at the Fox Public House in Green Lanes, Palmers Green on Wednesday 11 February. Between 3pm and 8pm.


Tony Ourris at Anthony Webb said "Whilst I am in favour of people using alternative methods of transports, such as bikes, I think it is imperative that the community as a whole does not suffer from the detrimental effects of losing parking on our high street. Many members of our community need cars to get around, or have young families and bikes would not be a practical option for them. These community groups would be penalised by the lack of parking and this could ultimately force them to shop at larger chain stores (with parking) rather than visit the shops on our high street. Over the years our High Street has continually tried to re-develop itself to accommodate the needs of modern life. healthy lifestyles and encouraging walking is great but to alter the fabric of our high street for the minimal percentage of cyclists could lead to the end of the High Street as we know it" Tony went on to say "I am backing the campaign against Cycle Enfield in an aim to preserve our parking for local shop keepers and residents"


Please take the time to visit the exhibition and inform yourself with the facts.