Embrace the Sun: Sell Your Home this Summer!

13th June 2023

Embrace the Sun: Sell Your Home this Summer! Summer is the perfect time to prepare your home for a speedy sale. Homes seem to blossom at this time of year as active buyers flood the market looking to make their next move. Sometimes it’s a question of having the time to get all those little jobs done. For others, it’s knowing when to stop. So, wherever you are on the spectrum, here are a few ideas to consider that will help add to the value of your home.

Increase the kerb appeal of your home
The front of your home is what will welcome your buyers and the majority of people make a decision on weather they like a property before they even enter it. Does it look welcoming and kept in good order? It's a good idea to get rid of any weeds on the paths, clean the windows and the front door Think about adding some flowers, mow the lawn, and keep your bins out of site.

The garden and outdoor living spaces
Take a good look at your garden; it’s considered by many buyers to be as important as any room in the house. Keep it trim and in order, and make the most of those finishing touches, such as solar lighting or cushions for the garden furniture. Does the patio need weeding, or the decking need re-staining? Arrange your furniture, flowerboxes, or outdoor space so that it looks welcoming and ready to be lived in while decluttering any unnecessaries like the kids’ toys or football! 

A splash of paint
Inside your home, a splash of paint adds a new lease on life to your walls and can be mood-altering, putting your buyers in the mood to move. It could be that you only need the odd splash here and there to get rid of any blemishes. If you are painting entire rooms, think neutral colours that will add light and a feeling of space. You don't been to go overboard, concentrate on the tired ares and clean wood work.

Clean and declutter
Your home needs to look like the best version of itself. A cost-free way of doing this is to simply give your home a good clean. Pay particular attention to the kitchen work surfaces, the bathroom, and the sitting room. Think about rearranging furniture if it enchance the feeling of space.

Let the light in
Draw back the curtains, let in as much light as possible, and hang a few mirrors to create an allusion of space. A few brightly coloured cushions or plants can add some vibrancy to your cleaner and brighter home, making it more appealing.

Small repairs
Now is the time to get all those niggling issues sorted, from the cracked skirting board to the stained ceiling. A few new seals in the bathroom, or better yet, regrouting or resealing around the tiles, can add a new lease of life to your bathroom or kitchen and make a big impact for not a lot of money.

Bigger ideas
We always recommend talking to your agent before completeing more extensive work. While the works you get done might be to your taste, they might be a turn-off for fussy buyers. And after spending loads of cash, you may not see a return on your investment.

The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless. A good chat with your local agent is always a good place to start.

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