Enfield Southgate Election candidates 2015

19th April 2015

Enfield Southgate Election candidates 2015

Meet your local Enfield Southgate constituency candidates. Don’t forget to vote at your local Polling Station on Thursday 7 May 2015

AS FEATURED IN OUR SUMMER 2015 edition of Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE magazine

Paul D Smith Liberal Democrats

I live, work and raise my children in Enfield Southgate and I want a better life for all of us. My story took me from council house, to comprehensive, to Oxford and every one of us deserves the same chance to create our own future.

Liberal Democrats in government have striven to balance economic stability against social responsibility, building the Stronger Economy and Fairer Society that Britain needs. But we also understand that government is not just about pounds, shillings and pence, it’s about people’s lives and the decisions we make are far reaching.

From council house to comfortable privilege, I have the experience to ensure that the decisions I make in Westminster consider all the residents of Enfield Southgate, not just a favoured few.


Bambos Charalambous Labour

I grew up in Palmers Green and live locally. I have represented the area as a councillor for 21 years and know the issues that affect people in their everyday lives. School places and childcare are very important locally and parents are worried about their children's long term futures too.

When I’m out and about, people mention the NHS and crime as big concerns. If you elect me as your MP I will make sure I listen to your concerns, speak up for you, and get things done just as I have in the time I have been privileged to serve as your local councillor.

Do say hello if you bump into me in Palmers Green or on the platform at the train station.


David Burrowes Conservatives

I have the experience to be a strong local voice for Enfield Southgate.

I have lived in the constituency all my life and am married with 6 children. I have been an MP for almost 10 years, and over 20 years as a solicitor, local councillor, primary and secondary school governor, and youth camp leader. I am also an active member of a local church.

I am a champion of local issues like protecting our parks, local heritage, supporting small businesses and our high streets.

I support the family and care about the vulnerable. I speak my mind and get things done.


Jean Robertson-Molloy Green Party

As your MP, I would first implement electoral reform, and make each of your votes count. Being a retired social worker, I believe that everyone should have secure housing, a good standard of living, and free access to proper health care.

Our children should be educated in tolerance, alongside all members of our multi-cultural society. And we must look after the world we live in by limiting our use of fossil fuels, banning fracking, and investing in clean energy such as wind, wave and solar power, which would also produce more jobs.


David Schofield UKIP

A lifelong Enfield resident born at Chase Farm hospital . I have attended local state schools and have worked successfully in front line sales on a self employed basis.

I was a Local Councillor in our Borough from 2002 to 2006 representing Southgate Green ward during which period I secured investment to improve the living conditions of residents living on housing estates and worked with the police and the Council to deal with crime and anti social behaviour problems.

I pledge to campaign for additional investment for our overstretched health and education services and will never concede the battle to restore lost hospital accident and emergency capacity in our Borough closed by a Conservative health secretary.