Hazelwood Schools launch a new Forest School area by Josh Newham, Headteacher

25th October 2022

Hazelwood Schools launch a new Forest  School area by Josh Newham, Headteacher At Hazelwood Schools, we take pride in developing our children not just academically but socially, personally and holistically. One area that we have developed over the past six months is our very own Forest School area.

As some of you may know, Hazelwood lacks green space – in fact, we are mostly flat concrete. Yet with some creative thinking and some hard work from volunteers and our Gardener, we have been able to carve out a lovely wildlife area and turn a section of this area into a dedicated Forest School space. 

Forest School allows our children to experience nature and learning outdoors in a safe, secure and ‘hands-on’ way. Children have the opportunity to lead their own learning in our open space. Forest School sessions are proven to help boost self-esteem and mental well‐being, build a sense of independence and promote team work.

Throughout the school year, every child from Reception to Year 6 will take part in Forest School sessions, rain or shine, provided by a highly trained Forest Schools leader from Four Seasons Forest Schools. 
  • The children will participate in a range of outdoor activities linked to the relevant age-appropriate curriculum, including: 
  • Den building and fire lighting
  • Tool use
  • Flora/fauna identification and foraging
  • Storytelling and imaginative play
  • Climbing trees and team building games

Not only is it an educational experience but a hugely fun experience for our children too.