In the Garden with Paul Knight

3rd May 2015

In the Garden with Paul Knight

Front Gardens

As featured in our Summer 2015 Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE magazine

A front garden can be a thing of beauty. Not just a drab area of concrete with bins on right in on front of your house. It can be an eye-catching place full of plants and shrubs that can add interest all year round.

Of course you have to take into account the practical issues of where to put the bins and bike stores etc but this can be accounted for in designing the garden. Even in a small front garden that most of us have there will be space for a few choice plants and possibly even a small tree that will soften the appearance of the property and collectively, the neighbourhood whilst creating a natural environment for birds and insects.

A good front garden will really enhance the appearance of any property and will add value too. It is the entrance to your home and its

style should reflect you and the property style so materials for the structure should be chosen carefully. If it is done well it will give you pleasure every time you see it. Which is all the time!

If you are installing a new front wall, choose the type of brick carefully. It doesn't have to match the bricks the house is built with and you do not want a wall that stands out too much as your eye will be drawn to the wall rather than the garden within. A simple bin surround constructed with trellis and climbing plants to grow round it to disguise the bins but still gives you easy access to them.

The garden path is an important aspect as you use it constantly and you see it all the time. The materials for the path can match the materials in the rest of the garden or they can differ, for example have a tiled path with a separate area of paving.

As I said before, plants will soften and enhance a house. Whether the garden is in sun or shade there are lots of plants that will thrive. Window boxes will add a splash of colour and can change with the seasons and a climbing rose, Wisteria or many other climbers will look amazing trained on the front of the house.

Get outside and get gardening!

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