Introducing Barbara Strong

12th February 2017

Introducing Barbara Strong

Introducing Barbara Strong to our Palmers Green Community Art Galley

Please join us at Barbara's eclusive gallery opening on Tuesday 7th March from 7:30-9pm

Barbara has no formal Artistic training. "I've always been able to paint. It’s a desire, almost compulsion. But as a single mum helping unemployed people, I was too busy surviving and supporting other people’s dreams, not my own.”

After an active journey of personal change, overcoming fear and doubt, she finally acknowledged, she was an Artist and at 48, kids grown up, she sold her London home, travelling for the first time, between Goa, S.E. Asia and Nepal, immersing herself in local communities and language, studying Buddhism and discovering the Artist within her.

“Initially, I had no idea of my ability, style or what to paint, so I painted my new world, the scenery, people and culture. My work is simple, colourful, vibrant and honest, with a photographic quality. I’m quite spontaneous, yet drawn to fine details. Travel and weight restrictions have affected my work. I use colour pencils, but paper is heavy, prone to damage. I love pastel but it smudges easily. Acrylic paints on canvas roll is most practical. My style is changing with an imaginative quality emerging in realistic scenes. I’d like to paint much larger, experimenting with abstraction, oils and inks.”

“My work and its purpose is heavily influenced by the humbling generosity of the world's poorest people, sharing their homes, families and food with me, touched by their good humour during extreme hardship. I was deeply moved by the terribly low status, heavy burden and struggle carried by Women. Their strength has utterly inspired me. I’ve also met incredible people, selflessly helping the most vulnerable communities. Realising how lucky I was to have all I have and wanting to help, I made a commitment. Every penny of the sales of my artwork will be given directly to people and groups I personally know to enable them to help others”

“A year after that commitment, the Earthquake hit Nepal (May 2015) Nepal epitomises everything that has humbled me. I fundraised and have visited Nepal three times since, allocating funds and monitoring its impact. The need or enthusiasm to help has not dwindled, only the cash. People use their individual skills to help, and mine is to paint, so I’ve built a body of work that represents Nepali life, its people and my journey, both literal and artistic, solely to raise funds. I return to Nepal on completion of this exhibition. 


Please visit Barbara exhibitions at Anthony Webb throughout the months on March and April, keep up to date with her activities on her Facebook page