Introducing local artist Christos Chrysanthou

5th July 2016

Introducing local artist Christos Chrysanthou

Anthony Webb welcomes our second artist Christos Chrysanthou as he opens his exhibition this July and August at our Palmers Green office.

10% of all sale proceeds are kindly donated to the North London Hopsice.

The variety of art Christos creates comes from his love of colour, shapes and symbols.As a fan of abstract and modern abstract art he uses atmosphere and space to depict and create different worlds and landscapes that can take you through an emotional journey.

Christos’ artistic influences are Mark Rothko, Henri Matisse,post cubist artist Mondrian,as well as Hindu and Aboriginal art. The symbolic images in his ‘Journeys and Landscapes’ series is particularly inspired by his Greek Cypriot culture. Although his art practice is mostly fine art, consisting mostly of canvas art and watercolours, he works in a variety of media and sizes and always tries to be experimental with his techniques and ideas.

“Being an art teacher means that there is not a day that I do not think about art.The art I create comes from colour, shapes, symbols and experimentation .”

Some of his work was created in Cyprus at the Lemba Art School in Paphos where he studied in the summer of 1995. These colourful and bright water colours later led to the cell creations that were part of his Degree show and most recent Cells series.

“Art was always my love,nothing came close at school, and so I went onto Middlesex and Hertfordshire University to complete my BA Art and Design Honours degree. In 2000 I became an art teacher and have never looked back. My ideas and influences are always changing, especially being around

some amazingly talented and creative pupils and teachers. No matter how my lifec hanges, I know my love of art and the ambition to express myself will never change.”