Is managing your own property giving you a headache?

26th May 2019

Is managing your own property giving you a headache?

In a recent survey, the NLA found that one third of landlords have experienced ill mental health because of their lettings business. That's double the national average for workplace stress.

What issues did landlords report?

Commonly, stress was the result of late nights and a lack of routine, uncertainty, financial pressures, and legal issues. For most, these stressors caused tiredness, headaches, irritability and arguments, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, and the consumption of more caffeine, cigarettes and/or alcohol.

In today’s hectic lifestyle it can be difficult for accidental Landlords or Landlords with small portfolios to keep on top of all the legal requirements relating to letting out properties. Anthony Webb can help with all aspects of letting your property from:

·         licensing

·         rent guarantee

·         finding a tenant

·         referencing and right to rent checks

·         contracts

·         inventories

·         deposits

·         day to day maintenance

·         inspections

·         check out

·         deposit disputes


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