J.E. Pipkin on how painting has given him a way of life

4th April 2015

J.E. Pipkin on how painting has given him a way of life

By Ellie Sales

Jim Pipkin, 70 has been creating art since the age of 5, and has been a full time artist for the past 26 years. Like many young artists, he originally started out drawing and doodling before going onto develop his passion for painting. 

Having met his wife Pam, a scientist, whilst working together at the Medical Research Council in Hampstead in 1970, they moved to Palmers Green some 40 years ago and have remained here ever since.

Today Jim, using oil paints and acrylics, creates stunning, even inspiring landscapes that captivate the imagination. Based at his Tottenham studio he is lucky enough to paint on a regular basis producing around 5 finished pieces of artwork per year.

What inspires you to paint?

Painting is a working evolutionary process. I would describe my style as abstract and representational. Most of my work is inspired by landscapes, conveying a mood related experience, a generalisation of different types of landscapes you might encounter often creating a minimalistic image.

What are you working on at the moment? 

I always work in a cycle, on numerous pieces of artwork at the same time. My works are made up of many thin layers of paint to achieve density of pigment and intensity of colour, which can take a long time  to complete. I am also currently preparing for a solo exhibition at The Framers Gallery in London between 12th-22nd May. It’s a great opportunity for me to show case my work. Painting has given me a way of life and I enjoy sharing my work with the public.

Have you exhibited in the past? 

Yes, I have been involved with the Tottenham EuroArt Open Studios for many years and my work will be on display during their open studios and art exhibition event between 5-7th June 2015. My last solo exhibition was back in 2008 in Smithfield.

Do you have any pieces on public display?

I am listed in the Public Art Foundations records having two pieces on display. A painting, ‘Landscape in Blue’ was purchased by Enfield Council and included in its Whole Storey project of 1998. It is on display at the Civic Centre. I also have a painting at the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, North Devon having attended Art School in Devon between the ages of 16-19 years.

You have remained in Palmers Green for over 40 years do you have any fond memories? 

During the 1990’s I could be found at ‘The Whole Hog’ on Green Lanes, you could find every kind of profession and artisan in attendance, bar an astronaut! There were a group of us known as the ‘Palmers Green Seven’ that met with Enfield Arts and Leisure Council and together we held art exhibitions in vacant shops across the borough. I have fond memories of those times with friends, sadly some of whom are no longer with us.

Jim’s solo exhibition can be found at The Framers Gallery, 36 Windmill Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2JT http://www.theframersgallery.co.uk/exhibitions.html