Local business Munch Better, wins Startup of the year 2014

15th February 2015

Local business Munch Better, wins Startup of the year 2014

“We joined our ideas and expertise, worked closely with young people and our project Munch Better was born”

Website: munchbetter.org.uk

I’m a nutritionist who created Munch Better as an innovative way to address our growing obesity and health epidemic.

At the beginning of last year I got sick and tired of reading the gloomy future statistics regarding our obesity epidemic. The last straw was reading that The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicted 30% of children would die before their parents by 2050 due to obesity related illnesses.

Although ignited with a passion to turn things around, I knew that educating young people about the consequences of a fast food diet washed down with a can of sugar would be a challenge. Young people do not want to hear a nutritionist rant about the goodness of lettuce leaves and carrot sticks.

After months spent doing research, I was delighted to team up with Exposure, the North London youth media charity. We joined together our ideas and expertise of worked closely with young people, and our project Munch Better was born.

We are stakeholders of Healthy Schools London (HSL), who recognise the work our small team have started with schools hosting fun, informative and interactive workshops. We advise how small improvements and simple changes can massively improve eating habits and promote good health.

In 2015 our aim is to help more London schools create healthier choices, giving all young people the education and tools to make better food choices, resulting in lower obesity levels.


Christina Symeonides is the founder of Munch Better

Christina featured in our 2014 July Palmers Green & Southgate LIFE magazine