Maintaining your rental property by Mick Lawton

17th November 2016

Maintaining your rental property by Mick Lawton

Living in Palmers Green I have worked for many local Estate

Agents and Landlords over the years and I am often asked “How

often should I redecorate my rental property?”


Whilst there is no recommended time scale on

redecoration I encourage landlords to regularly

inspect their properties to determine what work

needs doing. Often during the term of a tenancy

minor repairs are required such as removing

mouldy sealant and grout in bathrooms and re

sealing. This is essential to prevent small leaks,

which often go un-noticed by tenants, becoming

a bigger issue. Other issues that can arise include

mould on walls and ceilings, especially at this

time of the year when we are all switching our

heating on. Prevention is always better than cure

so it’s wise to make sure that your property is

well ventilated and that there is not too much

furniture restricting air flow in your rooms. If you

have an issue with mould this should be dealt

with quickly and the areas treated to prevent


When it comes to re-decoration it’s often easier

to do this when your tenants are switching over

and your property is vacant. You may find that

only some rooms need attention such as the

communal areas or bathrooms. I offer a quick

turnaround for landlords looking to freshen up

their properties to help them to maintain the

maximum rental income. Please give me a call

for more details and prices.

Maintaining property can be a headache. If you

need some advice, are thinking about some

home improvements, need internal or external

redecoration please do not hesitate to contact

me for a no obligation quote. I’ve recently

updated my website where you will find

examples of my work.

Contact me on 07985 412599 or via e-mail on


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