Michèle Janes creates original abstract art.

24th July 2016

Michèle Janes creates original abstract art.

Anthony Webb welcomes our third artist Michèle Janes as she opens her exhibition this September and October at our Palmers Green office. 10% of all sale proceeds are kindly donated to the North London Hospice.

If you are new to the work of Michèle Janes then let us give you a brief introduction to one of the most exciting abstract artists working in London today.

Michèle is one of the UK’s leading original abstract artists, using vibrant paint and colours in a whole new way to create art that touches you both visually and emotionally.

What are the pictures about?

Original abstract art is about producing original paintings that start with a vision but can be interpreted by viewers in different ways. Michèle can rightly call her work “original abstract art” because as an artist, she uses a cutting edge technique to create truly original pieces of art every single time.

The process

The process involves many innovative techniques including spinning paint using centrifugal forces with just the right quantity of colours, to achieve an awe inspiring effect. It allows her to create original abstract art that truly stands out amongst other abstract artists and painters today. No two paintings are alike.

It’s not every day that you discover that the girl next door has turned into a wonderful artist, but Michéle’s work has become a fascinating exploration of shape and colour. A tonic for the soul. Trevor Phillips (OBE)

Visit Michèle website for more information www.abstractvisions.co.uk, or pop into to view her work on display at Anthony Webb.