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Monday’s Property Market Review 11th May 2015

Sun 10 May 2015

Industry reacts as Conservatives win majority

Reaction to the shock election result is starting to trickle in, as the property industry assesses the impact of the impending Conservative government.

Savills’ UK head of residential research Lucian Cook said with an effective Conservative majority, or Conservative-led coalition now looking like the most likely result, he expected much of the deferred demand from the pre-election period to flow back into the prime market over the remainder of 2015 and 2016.

This would be particularly buoyed by the fact that there will no longer be a mansion tax introduced on high-value homes.

“On the supply side, it will still take some time for the high levels of available stock that have built during a long period of pre-election caution to be absorbed and we expect that would-be sellers who had adopted a “wait and see” approach pre election will now bring more stock to the market,” he said.

Mat Oakley, Savills head of European commercial research, said the commercial investment markets have been largely unmoved by the election campaign.

“The perception that the UK is still a strong and stable investment destination has continued to intensify and non-domestic investors have widened their focus to include markets outside London,” he said.

But he warned there were “lurking political concerns” which might affect the market if non-domestic banks facing shareholder pressure to redomicile outside the UK decide to leave. An EU exit would also have a “damaging effect on London’s attractiveness to US and Asian businesses who are looking for a European HQ”, he said.

Melanie Leech, chief executive of the British Property Federation, said: “We would like to see the government prioritise a coherent plan to deliver increased housing supply; to follow through on the commitment to fundamentally review business rates, and take action to put in place the right infrastructure – including real estate – that will allow our country to thrive.

“The prospect of an EU Referendum will inject uncertainty into the equation, and it is important to have clarity about its parameters and timetable as soon as possible.  

“Our industry has the potential to significantly increase the amount of housing in the UK, regenerate our towns and cities, and contribute significantly to the economy if it is provided with the right legislative framework, and we look forward to working with the next government to achieve this.”

Ed Mead, executive director at Douglas & Gordon, said a 10 year residential investor window has now opened as Labour will have to swing back to the centre.

“The general election result will restore overseas investor confidence in the UK, and UK real estate assets, leading to a surge in capital values over the next five years.

“This is a very bullish outcome for London real estate markets at all price levels,” he added.

Miles Gibson, head of UK research at CBRE, said: “With such a slim majority it almost feels like we’re ‘back to the 90s’ but the overall economic outlook remains favourable. Strong employment, low inflation, low interest rates and high levels of inward investment all bode well for the property sector.

“There remains, however, a question mark over Cameron’s ability to secure a referendum on EU membership, a referendum which bothers most of our clients immensely as they feel investment would suffer if we were to leave the EU. Even though we think the PM would campaign for an “in” vote and would ultimately win, the sooner the new PM can resolve this issue, the better.”

Guy Grainger, UK chief executive at JLL, said: “While most in business will be reassured by the continuity of the Conservative economic plan, there are concerns regarding the planned referendum on British membership of the EU in 2017. British businesses will remain committed to a strong position within the European Union and will need to engage in the reform debate to see if a referendum can be avoided.

“However the continuity of main policy objectives for the past five years will be very helpful for investors and developers in the housing market. Residential markets will benefit from a legacy of supportive policy from the coalition government. We expect markets to continue to grow in line with stronger economic prospects, particularly in the regional cities and the South East.”

Alison Platt, Countrywide chief executive, said: “Now we have clarity following the General Election, we expect there to be greater activity in the housing market, especially in the £2m plus markets facing the prospect of a mansion tax.

“We anticipate this Conservative-led government to turn its attention from implementing policies that stimulated demand in the housing market to addressing the lack of housing supply. Sticking to its pledge to boost house building through the provision of more affordable housing and more garden cities should prove welcome.”

Alan Brown, chief executive of housebuilder CALA Group, said: “The final election result is good news for the UK housing market as the Conservative party has shown that it truly understands the intricacies of the housing crisis and is clear on how to address the UK’s chronic shortage of new homes.

“I am pleased that the UK economy can now return to business as usual, without the election distraction of the past few weeks.

“With the Conservatives remaining at the helm, this guarantees a level of political continuity that is beneficial for both consumer and market sentiment alike.

“However the new government should take this fresh start as an opportunity to further enhance some of their key policies, without the need for coalition negotiations.

 “While it is a big positive that the NPPF will remain in place and therefore can continue to improve the UK planning system, I believe the framework needs to be strengthened further.

“There should be a renewed focus on speeding up the clearance of planning conditions, which are making the implementation of planning permissions slow and difficult, while encouraging local authorities to bring forward more developments to increase the housing supply in their communities.

“Meanwhile UK Green Belt restrictions need to be reviewed so that the Green Belt becomes a larger consideration in local development plans, ensuring that its scope and size is assessed more realistically alongside the needs of the local community.

“The SNP’s success in Scotland is no surprise, particularly given the significant hit that Scottish Labour took following last year’s referendum.

“We don’t anticipate that this result in Scotland will have any adverse impact on the housing market north of the border, but instead we expect to see some positive increases in homebuyer demand as election fever abates and normal market conditions return.”

Info by http://www.propertyweek.com/ 

Tony Ourris, Anthony Webb Director said “The Conservative electoral success should help the property market. It will bring stability to the market that, in recent months, has slowed down with the fear of a mansion tax and rent controls that were talked about by some of the other political parties. Even in the last 24 hours, since the result was announced, we have noticed increased activity in Palmers Green with confidence returning.”


UK home owners admit to abandoning DIY projects


More than a third of home owners in the UK have abandoned a DIY project after starting, according to new research.

Some 38% of home owners have embarked on a DIY project but not completed it, and a further 10% have bought the necessary equipment but never even started the job, a survey for Halifax Home Insurance shows.

The research suggests a lack of confidence in skills could be to blame as 21% admit they can’t change a light bulb, while 58% would not know how to put up shelves and 27% are not confident enough to paint their own home.

This may be due to a past bad experience, as 29% admitted to a previous DIY botch, highlighting the need for adequate home insurance including accidental damage cover in case things go wrong.

Last year alone, Halifax Home Insurance recorded over 16,500 accidental damage claims, which included DIY related incidents such as spilling paint or drilling through pipes. In total the insurer paid out more than £9 million for accidental damage, costing an average of £565 per claim.

Regionally, home owners in Yorkshire and the West Midlands were the biggest botchers, with 33% admitting to a DIY mishap, compared to 23% in Wales. Some 70% said they did DIY to save money, 56% because they enjoy it and 10% because they don’t know any good tradesmen.

Halifax Home Insurance said home owners should call a professional for jobs involving gas, electrical or plumbing work. When choosing a tradesman, people should ask for references and certificates to demonstrate that they are competent

They should also contact their insurer if any work is being carried out which may alter the structure or layout of the home such as an extension or garage, and should check if major building works needs planning permission.

Accidental damage to some parts of the home such as sinks, baths and ceramic hobs is included in many home insurance policies, but common DIY mishaps such as spilling paint, drilling through pipes, or putting feet through ceilings may not.

‘Even with the best intentions things can go wrong, which is why checking that you have the right level of buildings and contents cover can provide extra peace of mind,’ said Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager, Halifax Home Insurance.

‘For more specialist jobs involving gas, electrical, plumbing or structural work, it’s essential to call a qualified expert, or homeowners risk invalidating their home insurance policy, not to mention possibly putting themselves and others at risk,’ he pointed out.

At Anthony Webb we recommend our very own handy man Mick Lawton for all your DIY needs, he can be contacted on 07985 412 599 for a FREE estimate


Renting? Is it time for a Spring Clean as 53% of disputes over deposits are due to cleaning issues

Carrying out a deep clean at regular intervals within your tenancy period could save you a massive job when you decide to end your tenancy; it could also help safeguard your deposit, saving you time and money, in the long run.

According to the Tenancy Deposit Service’s Dispute Service Annual Review, in 2014, 53% of disputes over deposits were due to cleaning. Most tenancy agreements state that you must return the property to the state you found it in, and your deposit could be a risk if you do not follow this rule.

Here are some tips to make spring cleaning less of a chore and as easy as possible.

1. Stock Up

As a tenant it is often your responsibility to provide cleaning products and utensils. The first thing to check is whether you have enough of these items to help you through. Do you have enough sprays and wipes, cloths, etc? You will need a mop and bucket, dustpan and brush, window wiper, scourers and more. If your products are running low, or your mop is looking a little less than hygienic, it may be time to invest in a new one.

2. Make it a Family Affair

Spring cleaning aside, keeping your home clean is a family affair. All people living in the home must contribute to the maintenance of cleanliness. Children should pick up their toys after playing with them, rather than leaving them on the floor. Crockery should be washed up after use, rather than leaving them on the kitchen worktop and dirty clothes should be placed in the laundry basket ready to be washed. These are important all year round but especially important a few days leading up to and during the big clean, to make it easier.

3. Dress the Part

It goes without saying that when you are carrying out a spring clean, you don’t want to wear your Sunday best. The most practical option is to wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or stained. If you have long hair, tie it up, out the way and refrain from wearing jewellery.

4. Pace Yourself

A spring clean done well, will take a little more time than a few hours to complete. You will need to schedule in a few days to really do a good job, and to do everything on your list. To stay focussed and enthusiastic, it is best to tackle one room at a time, rather than flit from one room to another. Plus, doing it this way will give you a great sense of achievement when you finish a room and see it clean and tidy.

5. Look After Yourself

As mentioned above, giving your rental home a spring clean will take time. Take regular breaks, have an energising lunch and remember to drink lots of water. Cleaning could be considered a form of exercise, and if you build up a sweat, can be tiring.  So, after a long day, relax and recuperate – you could take a warm bubble bath or shower, just remember to keep it clean after you have finished!


Lastly, this is an ideal opportunity to clear out some of your unwanted or unused household items and create more space. You could donate what’s not needed to a local charity shop, pass them on to a friend or make some money and sell them at a local car boot sale or on the Internet. It is advisable to check your local newspaper to find out where and when your nearest car boot sale is held.

"I found my perfect home on Anthony Webb’s website. Martin was straight forward and reliable. I received great communication through out and would happily recommend them to my friends and family"
Patricia Gleave

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