Photography Check List

20th January 2016

Photography Check List

How to make sure your house appeals to buyers on line.

So you have decided to sell your home and the photographer is booked. Getting great photos of your home will increase the number of people that click to view your property on-line, increasing your chance of a viewing.

Here's our check list to ensure your home looks its best.

✔ Tidy up and clear clutter from surfaces

✔ Make the beds, and arrange pillows

✔ Cut the grass and de-weed. Don’t forget moss on pathways too!

✔ Expose any original features such as fire places, buyers love them

✔ Remove rubbish, bins and cars from driveways to enable the photographer to get the best shot of the front of your home

✔ Tidy up back gardens and put away kids toys and garden tools

✔ Where possible try to de-personalise rooms, a few photos are ok but a shrine to family members can be off putting

✔ Put any heaters or de humidifiers in storage or out of sight

✔ Ensure curtains and blinds are arranged well 

✔ Complete those old D.I.Y jobs, there’s nothing more off putting than peeling paint or stains. If you need help you only need to ask us, we will be happy to put you in touch with someone who can help you

If there’s a feature in your home that you love, tell the photographer, we may be able to use it in our marketing strategy. 

When the viewing starts try to maintain the above points, perhaps adding some flowers and avoid cooking anything with a particularly strong smell, unless of course it’s bread or freshly brewed coffee…ahhhhhhhhhh

If you are thinking about moving house and would like us to value your home, please do not hesitate to call a member of our Palmers Green team.