Barnet Property Set to Rise by 20.7%

23rd June 2014

Barnet Property Set to Rise by 20.7%

As London property prices continue to rise, The Telegraph has named Barnet, North London, as one of the top 20 places to make money through property investments.

After speaking to a range of estate agents and property investment experts, journalists stated that Barnet is the 8th best place in London to make money as property prices are set to rise by 20.7% in the next 5 years.

Haringey in North London also gained a top 10 spot in the survey. While the area has a mixture of high-end and ex-council housing the average property in the area is likely to increase in value by 21.1 in the coming years.

Predictably, Westminster topped the list with a projected price increase of 25.6%. While central London prices are the highest in the country, buyers can benefit from lower prices and considerably largely houses and gardens by moving to the outskirts of London. North London is the perfect place to buy if you have a smaller budget and prefer some more open space – even if you work within central London, the excellent transport links and fantastic schools make north London boroughs extremely attractive.


If these predictions are accurate, property price rises in the next 5 years will be on a par with the increases seen between 2008 and March 2014. Increasing availability of mortgage finance and government help such as the help to buy scheme may actually push property prices even higher than expected.