Saying thank you to community groups By Cllr. Bambos Charalambous

8th December 2015

Saying thank you to community groups By Cllr. Bambos Charalambous

Every New Year's day the newspapers run a story about the notable worthy people who are announced to be that year’s recipients of honours for their contribution to the well being of society or some other great achievement. Actors, sports people and celebrities seem to get the most publicity but occasionally you hear of the heart warming story of a selfless individual who has been volunteering for example at the local day care centre for 30 years and who is finally being recognised for their dedication and commitment. What is not so well publicised is that there are also national awards for voluntary groups for the efforts and contribution they make. A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of attending an award ceremony for the excellent Edmonton Eagles Boxing Club which has made a tremendous positive impact on the lives of many of the young people who have joined the club. The Eagles have received the prestigious Queen’s Award which is a national award for voluntary groups providing a service that meets the need of people living in the local community and is supported, recognised and respected by the local community and the people who benefit from it. We are lucky in Palmers Green to have so many amazing voluntary organisations who contribute so much to the fabric of our community life. Some of these groups have activities which range from looking after and putting on arts events in our parks, organising festivals, arranging monthly play streets for local kids, running community centres for older people with a vast array of events and activities and providing a safe haven for women fleeing violence. All these activities add to the rich tapestry that makes Palmers Green the wonderful place it is.


Sometimes we take things for granted and don’t always stop to think about the effort that has gone in to making something a success. I’m a firm believer in saying thank you and praising those who do a good job in whatever their role is. I also strongly believe that voluntary sector organisations who make positive contributions should also be thanked and praised and where appropriate be given the recognition that they thoroughly deserve. One such way is via the Queen’s award.


Whatever your views on the monarchy, the fact remains that universal acclaim of the honours system gives it a special kudos and we should ensure that we do say thank you and nominate some of our wonderful local groups and organisations for an award. If you want to do so you need to be independent of the organisation and naturally you will need t complete a form on line. Here is the link for those interested in nominating an organisation or voluntary group.


Here’s hoping that we get as many nominations for local groups for a Queen’s award as possible and that they get the well earned recognition and respect the deserve.