Storing your clutter could make you money!

14th September 2014

Storing your clutter could make you money!

Research shows that doing things like taking down family photos, removing a lounge door and even parking an expensive car outside your house, can, according to agents add £2,500 to your home’s value when selling!

This also gives sellers something tangible to do when selling a home.

Some 95% of agents say de-cluttering helps your home sell while 38% “insist it increases the sale price ‘every time’. And it’s not a small amount we are talking about either, but potentially over £4,500 more.

Other ways to add value:-
Baking bread or putting coffee adds over £800
Strategically placed mirrors add (£947)
Removing a door (£930)
Taking down family photos (£921)
Removing furniture or bulky items (£836)

It is however essential to make sure your property is de-cluttered BEFORE you get the agents in.

Why? Because to sell your home for the most money, you want as many offers as possible, to get this your property needs to look fantastic on the photos your agent will be putting on-line.

Key things to know about the benefits of storing your stuff
Many think storing your belongings costs a lot of money and has to be for a long time, the good news is – it doesn't!

Storing items for a minimum of 14 days with a reputable local company like BWI Self Storeage can relieve the stress of your clutter. So if you are having an Open Day, whether you need to store a few knick knacks or the equivalent of a double garage, it’s worth making the effort. 

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