Sushi Inn – Much more than just sushi

7th December 2015

Sushi Inn – Much more than just sushi

By Ellie Sales

Sushi Inn, 396Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5PD Tel: 020 3320 1670

Having never eaten sushi before the idea of a review at the new Palmers Green Sushi Inn didn't exactly fill me with enthusiasm. I called up two of my sushi loving friends and we headed down to the Japanese restaurant located on Green Lanes on a Thursday night. The restaurant is decorated in a traditional, simplistic style with a mix of dark and light wooden canteen style tables, emitting a warm and calming atmosphere. The sushi bar at the back of the restaurant is in clear view, as is the open kitchen with two additional chefs. Kim, its proprietor, opened the restaurant in June 2015, specialising in sushi and sashimi, but also serving a superb range of hot dishes, including popular tempura, teriyaki, miso dishes, accompanied by steamed rice and udon noodles.

I was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of non-sushi options on the menu and we did not hesitate to order a range of dishes including black cod, tofu teriyaki, pork dumplings, yakitori (chicken skewers), salmon tataki, pork belly and eel and avocado maki dragon roll.

The dumplings, served with a lovely dip, were crisp and delicious. The black cod was moist and silky, with a rich and smoky texture, accompanied by a delicate salad and a sharp dressing to perfectly balance the dish. The girls tell me the sushi was excellent, fresh and beautifully seasoned. The salmon tataki, lightly drizzled with a citrus soy dressing accompanied with seasonal leaves is an excellent choice for sushi virgins, slightly seared around the edges. My favourite would have to be the pork belly with spicy miso, which I have ordered many times since - so tender it simply melts in the mouth. Most dishes are served with plain sticky rice and all washed down with a good selection of wines, saké or Japanese beers, you will not be disappointed here.

The combination of the subtle and the sharp, the clean and the precise, it was exactly what lovers of Japanese food get most excited about. Out of simplicity can come excellence, and the food at Sushi Inn is a case in point. The venue may be simple and understated, but when it comes to the food, much of the wow factor is down to high-class ingredients that haven’t been messed around with too much. The exemplary presentation, which is also extended to its takeaway menu, and excellent balance of flavours and complementary textures ensures that your dining experience will be an excellent one. Something that you would expect to find in town and not on Palmers Green’s high street, we have a real gem here.

We’ll be back to try more of Kim’s well-priced plates, along with an accompanying cup or two of saké.

Sushi Inn Palmers Green

The Sushi Inn offers a selection of lunch and dinner specials and a classic Bento Box. The prices are in line with other restaurants on the high street, expect to pay around £10 for the lunch menu and up to £20 per head for dinner. They also offer take away and delivery.

Closed on Mondays