The Palmers Green Community Art Gallery

12th April 2016

The Palmers Green Community Art Gallery

Anthony Webb Estate Agents are very excited to launch our new Palmers Green Community Art Gallery.

Over the years we have always supported local artists both in the magazine, in our office space and through our sponsorship with the Creative Exchange and following our recent office refurbishment we have launched the new Gallery.

We have a permanent professional hanging system in place that enables art work to be displayed in varies ways and heights allowing the artist flexibility and confidence in displaying their work.

It is free to exhibit, we only ask that you insure your own work and that a 10% commission of any sale is donated to a local charity. (We are currently supporting the North London Hospice)

We are happy to offer the artist a private viewing evening, whereby they can invite guests to view the artwork outside working hours. Alongside the exhibition we promote exhibitors in our popular Palmers Green and Southgate LIFE magazine that is distributed to 11,000 local homes for free every other month.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Kelly O'Gorman, our first exhibitor.

Kelly first graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a Bachelor of Arts in 3D Modelling and Animation; from here she continued her studies with Masters Degree in Digital

Practices in Design, graduating in 2004. However it was after graduation that a desire to escape the computer and return to hand drawn imagery, led her to start on her journey as a visual artist.

Kelly’s elaborate doodles entice the viewer into another world, not always apparent at first glance. Her work is an insight to her thoughts and imagination; this coupled with her immaculate drawing skills is the reason we have chosen Kelly as our inaugural artist.

Kelly says "It all began with a small picture I drew 15 years ago (aptly entitled Doodle) which was blue biro on a sheet of A4 paper. I came across this drawing 10 years later and it really stemmed from there. My work is mainly black ink on paper or board, it seems to have got a lot more colourful lately, I suppose it’s a reflection of what’s happening in my life at that time. As I work in ink straight to paper, there’s no room for error, but if something unintentional happens I just go along with it and the artwork takes its own direction. The process of creating a picture has its up and downs, when it's going well it’s great, then other times I may feel like I've lost it and it’s not going to work, but I keep going and it always comes together in the end. My influences are varied, but at the moment I'm taking a lot of inspiration from the natural world and also old ephemera or objects of curiosity that I come across through my parents second hand shop."

To find out more about Kelly please visit her web site

If you are an artist or know of someone that may wish to exhibit please ask them to e-mail me, Tony at or call me on 020 8882 7888.