Tips on how to spot Knotweed by Tony Ourris

25th October 2022

Tips on how to spot Knotweed by Tony Ourris Known for its outstanding ability to spread quickly throughout Britain and infamous for its potential to cause costly damage to property, Japanese knotweed is the most widespread form of knotweed in the UK.

Japanese Knotweed can cause headaches when trying to sell or buy an affected property. If you are concerned that you may have knotweed, below are some tips that may help you identify the weed.

Japanese Knotweed Identification:

·       Knotweed shoots, look similar to canes and grow to around 2-4m, are hollow and can grow up to 2cm a day.

·       Japanese knotweed leaves are green, spade shaped and have a pointed tip.

·       Similar to Bamboo, Knotweed has visible nodes between stems.

·       Knotweed leaves grow in an alternate zig-zag pattern.

·       The plant’s stem crowns emerge from dense clumps.

·       Knotweed flowers begin to boom around the start of August, but have been known to bloom late into September.

·       Japanese Knotweed grows up to around 2.1m (7 feet) in height.

·       Knotweed roots are dark brown on the outside and orange/yellow on the inside.