Urban Wonders – Constantinos Ptochopoulos

26th October 2016

Urban Wonders – Constantinos Ptochopoulos

Constantinos Ptochopoulos glances at urban settings in an idiosyncratic and fundamentally transformative way. He stares at people doing everyday things- walking down the street or waiting for the bus for instance- in a manner that reveals a deeper search for serenity and connection with what surrounds them. Through his art, Ptochopoulos inserts a distance from the familiar, and this distance in turn offers emotional and spiritual proximity. The person is presented as an integral part of his or her environment, be it urban or natural, creating a spiritual and aesthetic whole. With this series of works, the artist is essentially inviting us to see everyday scenes in a new light in a spirit of distance from daily concerns and of proximity to the inner self with its desires, hopes and struggle for happiness and acceptance.

Constantinos Ptochopoulos was born on 17th May, 1979. He grew up in an artistic environment. He studied art at Aristotelion University of Salonica. He now lives and works in Larnaca. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions and we are extremely excited that he has chosen to exhibit his work at our gallery in London. Constantinos' oil paintings range from small, to large scale epic canvases. Through expressive brushstrokes he creates compelling and memorable portraits of people and animals. 


Please take the time to visit the gallery throughout November and December to enjoy his artwork first hand at Anthony Webb Estate Agents, Palmers Green, London, N13 5TJ

You can also find out more about Constantinos on his website. www.cptochopoulos.com

10% of all gallery proceeds are donated to the North London Hospice.