Why a FOR SALE board can help you find your perfect buyer.

26th January 2016

Why a FOR SALE board can help you find your perfect buyer.

So you have decided to put your home on the market but you don’t know if you should have an estate agency board. 

You may be concerned about your neighbours knowing that you intend to sell, however this will quickly become obvious when strangers are standing outside your home with property details and accompanied viewings are taking place. We actually recommend telling your neighbours as over 68% of buyers look in an area where they already have friends or relatives, therefore your neighbour may know someone looking to buy on your street.

Some sellers are genuinely concerned that they may be too many estate agency boards in their road already. This is a prime reason why having a board could attract buyers looking at properties already located on your road, don’t miss out on this opportunity to attract prospective buyers who want a comparison.

It’s worth noting that active buyers make a point of driving around to find their ideal location and on average we received 4-6 calls per property from a buyer that has seen one of our sale boards.

What’s more…

There's no evidence to suggest a board increases security risks. In fact nosy neighbours will often keep a closer eye on your property, keen to see any prospective new buyers as they arrive!

A board is also a sign of your commitment to the sale showing buyers you are serious and can often help people to locate your property for viewings.

Boards are a key tool of our trade, generating momentum and interest that could help you find your perfect buyer.

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