Why moving home can improve your relationships. By Alexia Charalambous

23rd September 2014

Why moving home can improve your relationships. By Alexia Charalambous

They say home is where the heart is. Living in a home where your heart feels right has to be of great importance. If you are feeling stale and frustrated by the area or home where you currently live, it may be time for a move. Homes and our environment play a big part in affecting our moods and attitudes. If you are unhappy where you live, it will naturally feed into other aspects of your life - relationships, dating and work. Relationships are hard work at the best of times. Add to that someone who either doesn't feel safe where they live or finds that there isn't enough to do in the area will put a strain on a relationship or affect you as an individual. Cramped space, damp, noise are just some factors that could be playing their part in creating negative vibes in your current household. So what can moving home bring you? A fresh start for one thing. Leave behind anxieties, resentments and loneliness and look ahead at new possibilities on offer. You will have a new way of seeing things as well as the opportunity to create a new, comfortable internal environment, creating it in a way you see fit. If you are single, moving can open many doors for you to meet new people - new local groups, new gym, new neighbours!

This may seem a little obvious, but when moving, consider what is a priority for you and your family needs. Is it the good schools, the bijou coffee shops, the nearby parks or outdoor pursuits at hand? If you prefer more peaceful surroundings, then a property on a busy road or a congested development will not be the property for you.


So you’ve moved, congratulations! Now what? Here are some things to consider when in your new home to make it that extra little bit special.

Take advantage of the features that drew to your new home Take time to light a fire in the fireplace, have coffee on the patio, take a bath in the beautiful tub.

Make your bed. Yes, everyday!

Someplace, keep an empty shelf; someplace, keep a junk drawer.

Enjoy the good smells of home. Take a moment to appreciate the fragrance of a grapefruit or freshly laundered towels.

If something’s important to you, make a space for it in your home. Build a shrine to music, to arts and crafts, to family.

Moving to a new home is a rare opportunity to build good habits and break bad habits. Start going for a walk every morning, or quit smoking, as part of your new routine.

Always put your wallet and keys away in the same place.

Shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer, ask yourself: Do we need this thing? Do we love this thing? Do we use this thing? If not, consider tossing, recycling, or donating it. Give a warm greeting or farewell every time someone comes or goes from your home.

Happy moving!

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